A series of modular training courses1 in cyber attack management, advanced assurance and protection aimed at the LEA community and other stakeholders with an interest in learning about threats that use information hiding techniques, such as stegomalware.

The courses will provide relevant training of SIMARGL innovative solutions - The SIMARGL Toolkit - and raise awareness of the risks of information hiding capable threats.

1 We are pleased to tell you that by participating in the SIMARGL cybersecurity training courses you can gain ECTS2 credits. How does this work?

(a) Successful completion of courses.

(b) Note: only full ECTS credit(s) can be issued so creditation comprises a combination of courses to achieve 25 to 30 hours of study, for example S1 = 6 hours, S2 = 12 hours, S4 = 8.5 hours, etc. 

(c) On application for ECTS credit(s)  a student undertakes a videoconference - based assessment with our the examiner from Fern Universität in Hagen, Germany, Professor Dr. Jörg Keller. 

(d) on gaining ECTS credit(s) these can be used as proof towards employers or future training providers that the credited training conformed to HEI quality standards and acquisition of learning results has been checked.

European Credit Transfer System, or ECTS, credits are a means to certify quality and extent of learning results, and are issued by a higher education institution (HEI).